pic: Four Hanging


The only time at the UCF regional where there were four bots on the bar.

I was sitting in the stands watching this. I was so amazed, this is prob the best driving you will see this season it was unbeliavable if you didnt see it go to www.soap108.com and download the match. It was in the finals

What match was this? :slight_smile:

First match of the finals scored 120-120

Unfortunately soap does not have any movies right now:ahh:

watch the stream:

or download it:

and the rest of the ucf videos that are up:

gah yeah i heard about this match!!! i’ve got a pic on my camera but i’m so mad that i was unable to attend saturday of the ucf regional (due to a chorus competition -.- which btw we got straight superiors on but thats not important… ok yeah it is but its off-topic) anyways, watch the webcast of the match… its amazing… that was some excellent skill for all the drivers of all the teams to pull that off