pic: Four Robots Hang!


That’s the best perspective I’ve seen of that particular moment, though I’m biased as a member of 233 - you can barely see our robot from the webcast shot :smiley: .

There’s just something majestic about four robots in the air… :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy Cow, what regional was that at?

Musta been fun getting those bots down :stuck_out_tongue:

that was probly the best match that i saw at the whole regional, and it was also one of the highest scoring match that ended in a tie 120-120

Those robots look good hangin there together. That match seems very similar to one of the quarter-final matches at VCU. The match at VCU ended 125-120…just one more ball from a human player who was just a little more accurate. However, when 4 robots were hanging at VCU, only one was up close to the bar. The other 3 were all low and all over each other. I believe that these matches that end with 4 robots on the bar are the most exciting.

There were also four robots hanging for a brief moment at Phoenix. However, one robot got down because they were losing and got more balls. However, they were not able to get back up and they lost the match.

while doing that our robot got a clevis pin knocked out so we were only hanging on one claw

Yup, 945 was giving you guys a hard time getting up on that bar, but you guys managed to get there. Very good match, and one of my favorites at UCF this year. Although I never thought our robot would ever be hanging over the carpet like we did for that match. Again, way to go! :smiley: