pic: Four Seconds

Autonomous mode at the Philadelphia Regional. Any questions?


Going to be interesting to see what happens when 25 hits the other side of the wall at the EXACT SAME TIME and place.

Looks like the Gearheads did good this year!!

Rutgers is going to be fun.


but if they were smart the would raise that bar a little so they get the second or third boxes and carry the bottom ones with the robot. so they wount fall on top of them.!!:ahh:

If they raised the bar they’d lose time.
The bar raises in an arc, so it won’t be as far out. But I agree, sacrifice the time for the height.

it will be interesting if they go against heatwave who makes it in about 3.2, we make it in about 3.5, and Krunch makes it in about 3.5. Ah, the autonomous coding, its beautiful

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Rutgers is going to be fun.

My thoughts exactly! Isn’t it next Friday yet? :smiley:

Actually, its a little less than four seconds.

wow that really resembles ours

Actually we hit the wall in about 3.2 sec from the left, and 3.4 from the right.

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**My thoughts exactly! Isn’t it next Friday yet? :smiley: **

this begaining of the week is gonna be so unreal -
then FIRST is gonna hit,
and it’s all gonna be like ‘whoa’

yay dexterous gearheads!
can’t wait to see you guys again!
i remember you everytime I go on the computer
b/c i have your mouse pad