pic: Four straight seasons of glorious powder coating!

2012 began the first year 701 built two robots per build season. This allowed us to have a final competition robot with powder coating! We actually built 3 bots (prototype, practice, and competition) in 2015, and I am so excited to see our progress extend into future seasons! It’s only two months until kickoff, and I am so juiced for 2016 STRONGHOLD.

How quickly do you generally finish your robot in order to powdercoat it before the season ends?

1st robot is done in about 4 weeks. 2nd bot, the one that is powdercoated is done at the end of week 5 and returns from powdercoating shop in the middle to end of week 6. Then spend 1-2 frantic days putting it back together and test it out. Having the robot at the powdercoaters for 3-4 days is really tough, but we can justify it because we have the other robot to practice and program with.

Impressive. Do you experience a noticeable increase in weight with the powder coat? If so, how much? Looks great!

Seconded. My team is considering powdercoating, but how much is this gunna cost us in the weight department?