pic: FP Cooler


That should keep 'em cool

Do you have two fans running in reverse to suck air out?

The fans all blow in and force air through the motor via the input slots on the front of the motor.

The words I would use to describe my first impression of this cannot be posted on these fine boards. :smiley: NICE JOB!

Wow. If that motor overheats then you will know something is seriously wrong…

well, it’s deffenetly better than nothing

I thought 4 fans were overkill, but once we decided upon a design for a shroud, it had 4 sides that were just the right size for a fan. Can you imagine the grief we mentors would get if the motor overheated because of a full current stall, and there were only three fans because I talked the students of the four one. The student that designed this was already talking about adding the second shroud in a pull configuration, but that would requre 5 additional fans and we do not have the clearance for it.

Great Idea. You might see a nice little rendition of that on our robot sometime soon. :wink:

wouldnt one sucking and one pushing allow more airflow?

If we were only trying to cool the outside then that might be a good idea, however we made some mods to the gear box to allow the air to get to the air intake holes on the motor. This allows the air to flow through motor and cool down the inside as well.

We used a setup very similar to that 2 years ago except we made them out of plastic and they only used 1 fan to pull air through the motor. We didn’t use fisher price last year, but we are again this year so I made another set very similar to them out of plastic on Saturday afternoon. These aluminum ones really look nice! However, now after seeing the motors tested on the robot Saturday, I am more worried about blowing up the plastic transmissions than I am of burning the motors :eek:

If you are going to go through the trouble of rigging all that up, i would strongly reccomend not using those fans. They hardly move any air at all. You can get fans of the same size that move probably up to ten times more air.