pic: FR263 Arm Teaser

Why such a bulky subsystem? It looks pretty unnecessary. Just curious about the rationale. Looks good though. Also, what’s the weight?

Man you guys did all those cut outs with hand tools didn’t you? Thats quite impressive! Not something I would enjoy doing. Rock on guys

That looks as if it would almost certainly end up falling outside of the max extension zone.

Not sure why most feel the need to be so negative… an entire arm subsystem finished in Week 2 - you guys rock :slight_smile: nice work!!

Wow, that is a beautiful arm, I had to look close to notice that it was pocketed by hand tools! Patience pays off with having an arm working in week two, great job 263, it looks beastly! :slight_smile:

Finished? ha.

It’s close though :slight_smile:
And it wasn’t hand tools, just some very interesting machining, we felt it added character to the robot to not have neat lines all over the place (at least that’s what I tell myself)


Not being negative, asking legitimate questions.

Did you guys feel that this would be needed for a more robust arm? Also, weight?

Yup 263’s always made everything with hand held jig saws, I’d know as that is the team I started my FIRST career on, as a high schooler. We even made wheels a few years by hand out of 1/8" plate, exciting stuff.

Back on topic, I’m curious what your methodology is for picking tubes up off the ground. Do you stick your gripper and long wrist joint way out in front of your robot? Or will you be raising the arm and pivoting your wrist joint down?

Not hand held anything, we used the mill, we just can’t aim. :slight_smile:

We haven’t worked out the details for picking them up yet… or we have and we’re not telling anyone. You decide!

Nice job.:slight_smile:

As of right now the arm is a little over 8lbs and we are reaching over the bot so we are still in our max size but can score on any peg
The triangles were milled out with a manual mill. so those cuts aren’t final and still have a bit of filing to do.

more to come:D

Sweet work guys. Our design is very similar. Have you tested how well those windows motors work?

Looking nice 263. A little change from last year’s compact bot, eh? Looks pretty bulky, but if it works, it’s better than what we’ve got by now!

Look forward to seeing you guys at the LI regional again this year!

That arm is perfect… for waving the terrible towel at the super bowl!