Questions, Comments, or Concerns?


How will the bumpers go all the way across? What kind of wheels are you using? How tall do you plan of having your bot?

It’s too shiny :cool:

Unless you’ve got an upper frame, that frame won’t back the bumpers all the way around.

Other than that, sweet machining :smiley:

I’ve seen that idea somewhere before :wink: I’ll admit we weren’t the first to come up with that though.

RC, am I looking at it wrong, or does it say “RC” at the top? :smiley: I’m going to go cut a “JK” into our frame right now.

What is your frame made out of? It looks like sheet metal.

The frame itself is just varying 1/16" or 1/8" wall 2"x1" box tubing welded together. The belly pan for electronics is Poof/Pink inspired laser-cut sheetmetal.

Adam Heard will be delighted to see that there is no insane pocketing in this frame. The mounting hole pattern in the frame rails is 973-inspired.

Yes bumpers will go across an our second stage. We will be using 6 inch IFI wheels modified to make ASSEM easier. I can post a pic if someone wants it. We are planning to have our robot about 2.5 feet tall.

David, your team and pink inspired me to do it. In 2008 I saw Pink’s belly pan and I was like “What no braces, how?”. Then in 2009, I saw 968/254’s and I was like wow that is so epic. I asked Cory and Adam over the offseason the pros and cons of the pan. Decided to try it in 2010.

I think the pan is great for multiple reason, with the holes it allows you to line up the drivetrain better and we made another one for your top stage which helped out our welders a ton. We broke a record and got our entire bot welded in one day.

Wow Jamie, I totally didn’t notice that. hahahaha:D

We make our frame out of 2x1 @ .0625/.125 thickness. The pan itself is just 6061 aluminum. I really do wish I did sheet, I’ll have to take John up on his tour of IFI or spam him in Atlanta.