pic: Frame ready for welding, special thanks to Con(Trapp)tions at Waterjet Cutting of Indiana.

That thing is crazy. Im guessing ackerman steering. Definitely very cool

Hmmm that looks like the workroom at Waterjet cutting of Indiana.

If I know those guys, I would say you are wrong :slight_smile:

COOL! thats an awesome way to build a robot. What steps did you take to align the parts for welding?

Looks like a Rookie-All-Star chassis to me.

Oh dear. That is the hottest frame I have seen like, ever. My first thought was also ackermann/forklift drive.

Is the final going to be X-shaped or is there something around it? Looks like any bumper mount would be pretty weird in the current configuration…

WOW – how much does it wiegh?

I wouldn’t call it an Ackerman, but you’re going down the right path. It is a modified crab drive system with two steer motors and many options to go with it.

As for the welding, used a method with tabs and notches so the parts went together like a big puzzle. Weighs about 20-25lbs.

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