pic: Francois XVI - Team 857 Superior Roboworks

This is Team 857’s 2015 robot, Francois XVI.

Current record:
Kentwood - (QF) Industrial Design Award
Escanaba - (F) Excellence in Engineering Award

Some stats:
107.5 lbs
Can build complete 6-stacks
Can place yellow totes on the step for coopertition
Features an internal ramp that interfaces with the tote chute (yes, tote chute). Thanks to 2363 Triple Helix for the idea.
The pincers grab both totes and recycling containers
Can pick up right-side-up totes
Can pick up RCs that are right-side-up, on their side, or upside-down
77" tall, but the top half of the robot is easily removed for easy transportation (including in a crate to St. Louis)

Thanks go to 4391 Brave Bots and 2586 Copper Bots for the fantastic run at Escanaba (#UP_Power). Hopefully we’ll see both of you at MSC.