pic: FRC 1086 Off-season teaser #1

Just a hint at what Blue Cheese is working on.

Very nice, looks like everything could be done without a mill or maybe even a lathe, correct?

Looks good. Is that the only support plate, or will there be a second one beneath?

I’m guessing not photography? :slight_smile:


We actually did use a lathe, but we were able to avoid using a mill.

That is the only support plate. The module mounts nicely with the old style kop c channel.

Can’t see inside but, That hole looks like it is for accessing a set screw. The transfer axial should be designed so that the axle is constrained eliminating the need for a set screw. Racking. What is going to keep the lower module from becoming a parallelogram under high stress and load? Did you use thrust bearing for the miter gear loads or are you putting this on the ball bearings? What wheel is that? Allot of cantilevered load for that single mounting plate and those welds. How is this going to be driven? Is it a module or are you going to use a separate power pack? Only way to know what you got is to put it on a fully loaded robot frame and drive the hell out of it. See what wears. Igus bushing instead of bronze?

There are internal support braces that will keep the lower part rigid. It is a module. 1 Cim 1 mini cam per module. Also it’s worth noting that on the final version we will be using our own custom 2" performance wheel instead of the wheel you see there.

It’s also worth noting that the internal support is not visible in this picture because this version of our design hadn’t incorporated them.

2" Diameter? How concerned are you with the wear rate?
With Live axles I’d suggest taking a look at other solid rubber wheels, perhaps a Colson.

We’ve considered colsons and used them before but our CAD team tells us that performance wheels are significantly cooler looking.

Is this something we’ll see at the Rumble in October?

You mean 1 CIM to drive it and 1 Mini CIM to turn it?

No, we were looking at how some teams were running 8 motors to drive their octocanums, so we thought it would be cool to give the same treatment to swerve. We use andymark motors to turn them.

So a 12 motor drive… Sounds like a lot of power draw…

Looks like exactly what the off season is for. Make sure to post lots of puctures, and maybe a writeup when you’re done? I really like the idea of a lower barrier of entry for swerve.

Good job, keep us updated!

Very nice then. I assume you’re going with an upside-down CIM due to the height of the welded spacer?

That’s the plan.

Ah I see what you guys are doing…Is that a REAL organizational bin for electrical? Good on you guys.

Why, that IS a real electrical bin!

If you don’t just throw EOL electrical components under a table are you really trying?

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