pic: FRC 1102 "Black Magic"

Palmetto 24th Seed. Not chosen for Playoffs.
No funding available to attend a second competition.

Climbed in 2 of 8 Matches.
Delivered 3-4 Gears avg per match in 5 of 8 matches.
~10 Fuel + Auto Line Cross Autonomous in 6 of 8 Matches.
19 kPa Solo - https://www.thebluealliance.com/match/2017scmb_qm27

(Record / Replay Autonomous Capability)
(Velocity Control Mecanum Drive)
(Velocity Controlled Dual-775Pro Flywheel Shooter)

Was very impressed with your shooting consistency! Probably the most consistent at Palmetto once you got shooting.

We actually had the shooter working well the whole competition…We just kept trying gears because we came to realize how little fuel impacted the score. I really wish we had the chance to play with 359 as I’m certain we could have gotten the fuel ranking point together.

Oh I just meant “once you got started shooting in a given match.” Y’all were nailing them from Thursday on.