pic: FRC 1126 me and my lil bro


This is a picture of me (blue mets hat(GO METS!)) and my little brother. I was the driver for the past three years on our team.I graduated and am now mentoring the team. My brother is carrying on the family tradition by coaching our drives team. I was just so happy that he helped lead the drivers to the FLR regional win. He still has some catching up to do though, lol

awww… look at the brotherly love in FLR.

Hey do i know you guys?
How cute they are huging :slight_smile:

Im afraid that u don’t know us, u just happened to be at my house for a bonfire when an axe can exploded all over my yard and burnt holes in my chairs, but u must be thinking of someone else

OMG i love this picture!!!

it really shows what FIRST is all about!!!:smiley:

<3 you babe

Haha nice…you guys were so excited haha! Wow great brotherly love haha