Pic: FRC 1293 New Pit Structure (WIP)

Thanks, David! Lighting was on my to-do list, even if it was a strip of LEDs and a Blinkin underneath the hutch. We’re still playing around with the exact method of arresting the totes; it’ll probably be a bracket of some sort. (I’d advocated for turning them sideways, but got overruled.) Signage is a known unknown right now, so we’re holding off on that but I’m confident we’ll be looking sharper come Palmetto.

I like that! Coat storage was on the radar, and I figured it would be something like a mass of Command hooks on the end facing away from the pit aisle. Your solution is more robust, for sure.

I am in awe of that work table. Can you share more about how it pivots and how it’s supported once opened? (I’m not sure we’ll need the extra table space for long if we’re planning to make a six-foot cart next, but this is undeniably dope.)

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