pic: FRC 1319 - 2018 Power Up Robot

Flash 1319s - 2018 Power Up Robot

Competing at Palmetto / Rocket City / World Championship in Houston (if all goes well)

25" Wide x 24" long x 54" tall without bumpers
2 speed 3 CIM AM Evo Shifters 6WD wedge top tread
~5 fps to ~18 fps
Switch and Scale capable
Side climb (not easily seen on one robot and not shown on other) Withholding allowance utilized to duplicate practice and improve.
99 lbs without climber ~118 with climber

See you on the field!

Awesome looking machine FLASH!

You failed to mention the lightning bolt intake. I’m assuming it’s extra fast.


“Poppa Wheelie” looks great!

Aside from manipulating the crates extra fast the shape does allow for other desirable traits. During wind tunnel tests the lightning bolt shape performed far superior to other intake shapes. While in the up position they cut through the air as the elevator rises and in the down position they provide little resistance as the robot traverses the field.

They are also quite FLASHY.

Just figured I would add these renders for the history books. Good robot, chassis design was phenomenal. Super quick too.