pic: FRC 134 2012 Rebound Rumble Robot

FRC134, Team discovery’s 2012 robot is named ñ (nee-ah). It has a 4 wheel drive combination 8” AM plaction tire & 8” AM FIRST rubber tire, 4 CIM drive system controlled by an encoder. It’s ball pick-up is powered by 4 BaneBot 775 motors and controlled by a VEX bumper switch. The turret features a hand-cut belt sprocket on the turntable, powered by a AM motor and controlled by a 10 turn potentiometer. The throwing wheel is a 10” pneumatic tire powered by 2 BaneBot 775 and can spin up to 5500 RPM and is controlled by throttle control motor being spun by the shaft to act as a tachometer. The ramp arm is presently a wheelie arm on a direct drive to a van door motor, but after finding out at Suffield ShakeDown the metal ramps require much more force to push down, we will be modifying the actuator. We are still working on getting the Vision tracking to work (we have an ultra-bright LED which original use is to illuminate fuel spray in a show car). Shooting from field set points is mildly successful. At Suffield during autonomous, we missed both balls in one match, scored 1, 3-point ball in 2 matches and 1, 3-point ball with 1, 1point ball in one match. Wiring control chart can be found at: 2012 Robot Wiring - Google Sheets