pic: FRC 1425 Error Code Xero - 2014 Inventor rendering

Autodesk Inventor rendering of our 2014 robot, taken directly from our design data.

A six-CIM kiwi drive? Well now I’ve seen it all!

I was having trouble figuring out how the whole thing worked, and I think I found a little boo-boo in your CAD :wink: (The rod on your near-side intake cylinder is connected to the wrong thing)

It’s a very cool robot design though. Very elegant and functional, and I’m always a sucker for irregular frame shapes.

Can we get some photos of the real thing?

I don’t have any pictures, but I can vouch for the bot: this thing works. The shooter has the best range that I’ve seen, and they’ve either won or been finalists at each of the 3 events that they’ve been to. (I’ve also been at all of them). I can’t wait to see this thing at PNW Champs this week.

I just love how unique and crazy looking it is, and then it’s one of the best robots in the PNW… not only the longest ranged wheeled shooter bot, but the longest ranged bot I’ve seen. and it’s on a freaking triangle drive! Good luck, and I hope we’re your allies more than opponents at Portland

My favorite thing about this bot is the triangle omni drive, but my least favorite part is also the triangle omni drive because it is so easy to push around. That’s the only real weakness this robot has, props to Error Code for designing such a strong robot. Can’t wait to see everyone in Portland again :smiley:

Can’t wait to see it in Portland! We will be there too. Hopefully we have a match with you guys. Look forward to seeing it in action, not just videos. The shooter looks great and I have seen it make some incredibly long shots.

The cylinder is connected to nothing in the CAD. For some reason when it was connected Inventor didn’t allow us to raise a lower the collector. So we just leave it unconstrained.

122 also built a 6-CIM kiwi drive this season :slight_smile:


Fantastic design this year! That shooter puts just enough backspin on the ball to give it a more linear than parabolic arc, it’s very cool to watch.

We’ll see you guys in Portland!