pic: FRC_1595_2014_Robot


A beautiful robot and a real monster at PNW. You were terrifying to play against and I really wish we had a match with you guys. I look forward to seeing you in St. Louis!

That looks to perfect, pshhh, it must be fake, must be fake…

psh… :wink:

Awesome clean looking robot!

That’s a very cool use of VexPro traction wheels-- any chance you could tell us how that rather unique usage came about?

This is a great looking robot and they did very well at the PNW Champs, including a well deserved Industrial Design award. I had a look at their robot in the pits and asked about the constant force springs. The student I was talking to said they prototyped several different options to determine how much force was required, and then ordered the constant force springs “because they were free”.

There really wasn’t much to them coming together. We wanted something circular so we could pull at a fixed point, and we had a couple of unused VEXpro wheels laying around that seemed to fit quite well. Plus, they matched the rest of our color scheme.

Thank you for the compliments. We didn’t however use the constant force springs just because they were free, but rather took them being free as an added bonus.

Great robot and great team, it was a pleasure to work with you at Eastern Washington. If our robot hadn’t broken I think we could’ve taken it to the finals at least.

Good luck at champs, keep rocking the killer defense!