pic: FRC 1675

Team 1675's robot on the field before a match in Cleveland.

I like the use of lexan for your chassis. Very innovative!

I would have thought that lexan would flex and weigh too much, how did it work out?

Nifty. How pricey was it?

Nice looking robot Kevin. Looks even better in person! You and your team are doing awesome in your sophomore year in FIRST!

See you in Atlanta!


cool, i admire all thr robots that use polycord this year that stuff realy works great for getting those bals through your robot. team 86 can get a ball through there robot from floor to shooter in 3 seconds how fast is this one?

It’s a very nice looking robot. How did it perform?

Alright, now to answer all your questions.

  1. We used 1/2" polycarbonate for the chassis. It didnt flex at all, but it did weigh alot. Each side plate (4 in total) weighed about 10 pounds. It worked out nicely, but we ended up cutting bits and pieces off to make weight.
  2. The total price of everything we used on our robot was about $2200 I believe.
  3. The polycord worked real nicely. We could get a ball from the floor to our shooter in 4-5 seconds.
  4. It performed well when everything worked. That didnt happen too much, but we got everything working at the beginning of the Eliminations in Milwaukee. We, alongside 1864 and 1716, put up a good fight against the two martian bots. We ended up losing in the quarters to them.

I remember seeing you guys at Cleveland. You guys had some skillz! ha ha Have fun at Nats