pic: FRC 1714 More Robotics

MORE Robotics 1714 2010 - Robot Showcase - Chief Delphi

I think this is our clearest robot yet. The wheels are polycarbonate, along with the chassis and kicker. We have a 6wd with AM gen 2 shifters built into the chassis. There is a fan to provide suction to hold the ball. A pneumatic cylinder is used to ratchet the kicker and torsion springs are used to kick it.

See you in Milwaukee and Minnesota.

Love it! The clear plates look outstanding!

What’s the large piston on the right side for?

Looks awsome. I have always liked all the acrylic. Can’t wait to see you at WI

That is for winding the kicker back. It then extends forward again and a ratchet releases the kicker.

Gotcha. Cool design! I can’t wait to see it in action.

Very cool looking robot. I’m wondering why you chose to pocket material out of the polycarb instead of just ripping it away? Structural integrity? Very aesthetically pleasing bot…any close up shots of the wheels?


Somebody Must build computers on that team. It Looks like your aiming to have a speedy inspection.

Thanks for all the compliments. We pocketed the sides for weight reduction and to keep the structural integrity. The kicker also mounts to the side pieces, so we couldn’t have cut them away. We will be able to have a close up of the wheel this afternoon. As far as the speedy inspection goes, we usually skip the check to see if anything is being grounded to the frame.

so how’s the saying go? “Don’t throw kicks if you are a Plexyglass Robot”

People in acrylic houses probably shouldn’t throw stones, but I think polycarbonate homeowners are just fine :rolleyes:

The robot looks awesome with the Acrylic! (or is it Polycarb?)

Definitely polycarb. Acrylic wouldn’t last through autonomous mode in FRC.

Reminder to posters- this is not acrylic. This is polycarbonate. Acrylic shatters and is never a good choice for FRC robots.

edit: hehe Chris and I posted at the same time.

I want to see a robot made of ice. mabye one of the canadian teams will carve one out someday


transparent even down to the wheels…now that’s tight

Awesome. That is a very beautiful robot. I love the carvings in the polycarbonate.

very nice, lexan would be better though no?

Lexan is a brand name for polycarbonate. Like Kleenex for tissues.