pic: FRC 1716 Preseason Square Drivetrain Design


This is a drivetrain which I designed about two weeks ago in response to the potentially smaller robot dimensions for this year.

The drivetrain is 27" x 27" and uses the standard Vex Pro Single Speed Gearbox with 9.52:1 reduction for a theoretical maximum speed of ~8.5 ft/sec with the 4" VersaWheels. The center wheel is direct driven for reliability.

I figured I would upload this to give other teams some idea of fitting all the electronics in the significantly smaller robot dimensions for this year. The combination of having some sort of mechanism(s) to manipulate the discs and/or climb the pyramid will definitely make for some interesting designs this year especially with teams fitting it all in a smaller package.

The chamfered structure of this design may be applicable to Ultimate Ascent because robots will need to drive over the many discs that will litter the field, especially during the endgame

The .step file of this drivetrain is available here for download: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8iNfuVdthOFOEk0V3hHUjNCT00/edit?pli=1