pic: FRC 1716 Redbird Robotics Teaser

What could it be?

My guess is that it is a turret for your shooter. Looks to be about the right size and has a nice spot for mounting a motor or something on the front.

I don’t know if its just me, but it sort of resembles a toilet seat :stuck_out_tongue: .

But yeah I am sure it is part of a turret of some sort. I like how it has the spot for mounting the motor on slots. Looks really nice :yikes:

Looks like a lazy susan mount, and that front lip could be somewhere for which a loading mechanism could be placed, or where the motor for the shooter would be placed should you choose to load from below. Either way, it looks very nice and I wish you a good season!

This looks almost identical to something we are working on making right now…


Definitely looks like a toilet seat.