pic: FRC 1726 Robot 2016 Stronghold

The NERDS present “Tortuga del Fuego”, our Stronghold robot.

Is this one of those D bots?

I don’t know what you mean by D bot, if you mean will it play defense? then no, it is a scoring robot. Ball intake under the bumper, shoots low and high goals, crosses all the non-moving defenses on it’s own.

Impressive ! Any pictures from the underside of the robot.

Unfortunately, I’m not bright enough to remember to take pictures of it when it’s upside down. Or even of the ball intake, when it’s sitting upright.

The intake does look intriguing. Is that a oneway gate for the ball intake? Send us pictures when you can.
Good luck in New York.

The ball just goes under the bumper, and there are some various chunks of wood to direct it to the center, where the intake roller is. Then when it contacts the roller, it goes up the track until the sensor detects it, and turns off the roller. When it’s time to shoot, the shooter roller spins up, then the intake roller moves the ball further along the track. When it hits the spinning shooter roller, it’s gone.

Two moving parts in our ball mechanism. Not bad for having the ability to collect balls, and make high and low goals.

edit: I found a picture, this is sort of old, we added a couple more chunks of wood in there since. And added a belly pan.

We dubbed this idea “The Pac Man Maneuver”. It will be funny to see it in action.