pic: FRC 192 at SVR 2017

Absolutely beautiful robot and swerve. Had to be my favorite at SVR.

Looking good! What’s the white backplate on the turret/shooter?

Our old metal backplate had too much give when compressing the balls, so we 3D printed that plate to firm up the shooter in an attempt to make it more accurate.

How much compression were you putting on the balls?

Thank you! There were a lot of good teams at SVR this year, and it was fun playing with you!

Ah, can’t answer that off the top of my head, but about 3/8in.

This is a very awesome robot. What material is the back of the shooter? ABS? Also, what type of printer? I’m guessing it’s the same Stratasys Uprint with 80% infill ABS as your swerve? Also, where did you find that shooter wheel?

Yep, same as swerve.

From Andymark: https://www.andymark.com/product-p/am-3480_45.htm

Whoops my bad. I thought the only red compliant wheel was a 2 inch. Thanks for the quick response.