pic: FRC 1923 chassis v2 Frame


Is there an available CAD model for the final chassis design?

I wasn’t able to track down the CAD for their 2017 robot, but I did find this, which is by the same team from roughly the same time: https://grabcad.com/library/demo-robot-nrg-football-showcase-drivetrain-1.

It’s the same sort of plate structure as in the picture, but it looks like this was V1 of their chassis.

We no longer build in this frame style because our available machining resources got better. I used to have to make plates on a DRO manual mill at work, then we started machining them in house on a CNC router.

Since we have built our own tubing jig onto the CNC router, we make WCD style frames because it is a significant weight savings over parallel plate.

If you’re unable to CNC box tubing and want to make parallel plate style frames like this, I recommend not wasting your time fabricating all of the corner angle brackets. Instead buy something COTS like this to connect the frame corners:

Size: Large
Length: Short

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