pic: FRC 1987 Broncobots 2017 Robot Perseus

Here is FRC 1987 Broncobots 2017 robot.

Fast Cycles
Floor pickup of gears
Turret shooter
Dual PTO Climber

Lots of video of Kansas City regional on YouTube.

This robot is beautiful in person too. Their ball shooter looks amazing.

But not even sure if they shot one ball. But they beat the perennial favorite at KC with a four-rotor strategy.

Not one ball was shot in competition, you are correct. We do have vision processing directing the turret for our shots so we expect it will work rather nicely.

I forgot to add that every cut aluminum part on this robot was made by our newly custom built CNC machine except for one. That one was the turret gear which required finer machining than the CNC was capable of. It was great watching the students cut parts for hours on end.

We have discussed writing a white paper on this as I believe that many robotics teams would find it cost effective. Maybe we can make that happen or even better a presentation at STL champs.

Yes please! Beautiful looking bot by the way.