pic: FRC 2008 Field

The night of the kickoff, team 548 got together to discuss the game, we decided that we needed a field to demonstrate our ideas on the game. All we really need to finish it is some mini pieces of “clear plastic” (We had 2 blue balls, but lost one, so we had to use 3 green) :slight_smile:

I think the green alliance has a sizable advantage over the blue alliance with an extra trackball to claim.

Oooooh!!! <smacks head>
So THAT’S what Woodie meant with K’nex as part of his hint. :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

i made the field. i decided that the knex model might help with ideas so… TA-DA thats bout it (ok this is gonna sound lame but my dog ate the other blue ball :smiley: 4 serious)