pic: FRC 2018 Elo Ratings by Region

The SLFF discord had developed a power ranking of FRC regions heading into 2019, so I figured I’d see how the regions compare using Caleb’s Elo data.

The solid green line is the median Elo for each region, the dashed green is the mean Elo, and the width of each plot is proportional to team count. Top six outliers are labeled for each region.

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Both charts are interesting… what I find particularly interesting is how well the PNW teams have done. A decade ago I don’t think you would have found their ranking anywhere near as high… it has been an amazing experience to observe the growth in both the PNW organization, and the quality of competition over the years. Back in the day we were one of the few teams to compete in Ontario and in PNW… and there was a significant difference in the level of competition. Now, apparently… not so much!

I find it particularly meaningful as I’m now involved in helping grow FRC in British Columbia. I’d like to thank some of the “big teams” for coming here to help model excellence for our new teams… we look forward to climbing the rankings and maybe having one or two of those outlier teams on the chart one day.


I refuse to believe that Florida has no outliers. #floridaman

Nah, they’re in Maine. :wink:

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Would you be willing to post your breakdown by region in a workbook so it be possible to see more than just the top 5ish teams ELO in each region? If so, that would be dope!

Sure, here’s an Excel sheet with the full data and a tab for each region.

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Awesome, thanks!