pic: FRC 2052 KnightKrawler - 2014 robot

KnightKrawler, FRC 2052, presents their 2014 robot - Dragonfly

Nice. How did mecanum work out for you guys this year, given how aggressive the game’s been?

Thanks Neil,
Mecanum is working great for us again this year, even though Aerial Assist is a bit more rough. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

I didn’t see you guys pushed around too much compared to other mecanum bots. Did you gear it differently or something?

Another great robot from you guys! I look forward to seeing you guys at champs and state this year!

If I remember correctly, the main difference is lots of driver practice :slight_smile:

Another great robot from Green Machine…Oops, I meant Knightkrawler. :slight_smile:

Speaking of drivers… are you guys using the same ones as last year?

A) Thank you we’ll take that as a compliment, and B) I think we look good in lime green :slight_smile:

Back to the couple questions. We don’t do anything too out of the ordinary with our mecanum. We use AndyMark Nano Tubes for our chassis. They are geared a little faster than last year so we actually have slightly less pushing power. This was a conscious choice as we wanted the speed this year to get around robots faster. We still manage to hold our own quite well in all pushing matches we’ve been involved in so far on defense. We have a very low center of gravity and good weight distribution.

We have a new primary driver this year (he was our secondary driver last year). He’s definitely got a similar style to our previous driver and his name is also Matt just like our previous haha.

We’re planning on putting out a release video before champs after the divisions are released. Hopefully we can give everyone an idea of what we can really do!

2220? No, our driver from 2012 and 2013 graduated last year. His younger brother took over. I daresay he’s better than his brother. With another couple years I think he’ll end up great. Much more flexible.

We actually only used one driver this year, with the second being our Strategy lead.

If you’re talking about 2052, I think the post above answers that.

I’m glad to see that you guys built another great robot. Big congrats your your double banner season!