pic: FRC 225 2013 Robot

This is FRC 225’s 2013 robot (bumpers not pictured). There are lots of stock KOP/FIRST Choice components in this robot.

-6 CIM drive train through slightly modified VEXpro Single Speed, Single Reduction gearboxes with six 4" AM HiGrip wheels
-Stock KOP belting system with shortened rear belts
-HP load only through the top feeder slot
-Two shooting positions, one from feeder station and one from the back-center of the pyramid
-Mini-CIM direct driving a single modified 2008 KOP wheel for shooting
-Shooter speed control using a photo eye sensor
-Frisbee indexing using the top of a pickle bucket
-Shooter feed using an AM PG71 direct driving a cam
-Turret rotation using an AM PG27 with preset positions via a potentiometer
-10-point hang using a winch powered by an AM PG188
-2" cylinder for steadying the robot when making cross-field shots
-118.5 lb

I love the pickle bucket top. 4058 had the same idea, but had too many problems with it (somehow). I love it.:slight_smile:

Is that one of the old KOP wheel mounts on your shooter? That’s awesome lol.

I too am amazed that someone has found a use for one of the tall wheel brackets from 2010. I’m wondering about the legality, but I guess it falls under the “COTS items previously available that are functionally equivalent to the original” exception. Provided there weren’t extra holes added before they used it this year.

Sorry everyone, but it is just a purchased flange-mounted ball bearing.

I think they might be talking about the 2010 KOP wheel bracket that is protecting the feeder motor.

Ahh, oops, the year threw me off.

But yes, that is a 2010 wheel bracket protecting our shooter feed motor.