pic: FRC 225 TechFire 2015 Robot

FRC team 225, TechFire, is proud to present our 2015 robot, Phoenix.

FRC team 225, TechFire, is proud to present our 2015 robot, Phoenix. The robot builds double stacks and RC caps.



  • 6” mecanum wheels, driven by CIMs through Vex clamping gearboxes with a total reduction of 9:1 before the wheel
  • Gyro correction for mecanum movement


  • Four bar
  • Powered by 2 CIMs through VersaPlanearies, a RAW box, and a sprocket reduction for a total reduction of 852:1
  • Hardened steel hex shaft to help prevent axle twisting
  • Custom clutch for decoupling the arm to return the robot to transport configuration at the end of the match


  • Detachable pins for transport configuration
  • Clamping and tote-interlocking forks
  • 7” and 10” pneumatic cylinders allow gripper to have 4 different positions for differently sized and oriented objects

Canburglar (keeps changing every competition)


  • Landfill mining
  • Lifts RCs sideways or upright
  • Lifts multiple totes simultaneously in the long or wide orientations
  • Robot is capable of lifting up to 6 objects at once without tipping
  • Lifts the lowest level up to level 5
  • 2-RC or 4-RC canburgling autonomous modes
  • 3-tote autonomous mode
  • 2 different transport configurations depending on autonomous mode (canburgling or 3-tote)


  • 146 district points (currently 1st in MAR)
  • 5th highest qualification score posted as of Week 5 (142.25, Upper Darby event)
  • Currently #10 in OPR according to Ed Law’s spreadsheet (82.1)
  • #1 Seed, Winner, and Excellence in Engineering Award-winner at both the Chestnut Hill and Upper Darby events

TechFire is sponsored by PRESIDIO Networked Solutions, NRG Energy, Fred Dallmeyer Fund of York County Community Foundation, St. Onge Company, Penn-Air & Hydraulics, Vicki & Damian Rispoli, Coupling Corporation of America, Leidos, BAE Systems, Google, Tekgard, St. Onge Foundation and TechFire Robotics of York.


Pls post a video of it in action. Pic does not do it justice. Unless you are implying that it is beaning Rizzo…

Here 'ya go: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1464512#post1464512 :cool:

Don’t forget “Highest scoring qualification match in MAR with 365 and 484”

#selfpromotion :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I meant to say that but forgot to in the Delphi post. As you can see it was in the YouTube description :wink:

Video of 225 Phoenix in action…


We’ve developed a new three-tote autonomous for champs that doesn’t knock over the cans! See it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dK6j6uEaw9Y&feature=youtu.be

Your alliance partners will certainly appreciate the improvement at champs. Good work and good luck!

Brand new 225 video with new auton, standard co-op, double six stacks from the human feeder station,upgraded canburgular, etc.

Wow, that robot has some serious muscle. In an age of so many ramp bots I appluad your design. Good luck