pic: FRC 225 TechFire 2016 Robot

FRC 225 TechFire proudly presents our 2016 robot, “CrossFire”

FRC 225 TechFire proudly presents our 2016 robot, “CrossFire”

• 8 wheel drive with shifters and cut corners
• Arm powered by linear actuators
• “Tail” for wedging up the portcullis
• Intake also serves as shooter, pulling ball into a cradle and actuating a pneumatic cylinder to release
• Pneumatic ‘wrist’ for shooting over 54” walls
• Ball screw scaling mechanism

• Variety of 1-cross, 1-ball autonomous modes for different defenses and positions
• Vision tracking to adjust both drive and arm position to the goal location

Results thus far:
• Springside-Chestnut Hill District Event: #2 seed, #1 pick and winner
• Westtown District Event: #1 seed and winner
• 145 MAR district points, ranked #1 in the region

Westtown District highlights video

Wow looks okay, Ben!

Do you think it’ll have any success at your competitions?


Somewhere in 2014, we decided to to this type of thread pre-MAR champs or pre-worlds to make sure we didn’t stick our foot in our mouth in case something didn’t work. I don’t like presenting something, then not delivering.

Our media team put together a new video highlighting our Mid-Atlantic Region Championship performance. Thanks to 341 and 1257 for joining us.

Looking forward to playing with all the great teams on Carson!

I really like the video, it really shows what your robot can do.

Your team was a pleasure to work with at MAR Champs. All of us on 1257 wish you the best of luck on Carson!

Looking good once again 225! Congrats on your triple banner season. See you guys in Carson.

Great video. Congrats on an awesome season so far. See you in St. Louis and best of luck to you guys over in Carson!