pic: FRC 237 - 2006 Shooter mechanism

I’ve mentioned our shooter mechanism a lot of times this year & after seeing a lot of pictures of robots teams built this year, I’m inclined to believe that our design was borrowed by a few from our appearance in the first FIRST Robots: Behind the Design book a couple years ago.

Just wondering if that design from us in 2006 inspired any teams to make a shooter this year?

Whatever the case, here is a close-up pic of our shooter design from 2006.

we knew that we wanted to shoot the orbit balls from the start, but instead of having the balls come up from below and go “Around” the wheel, we saved work by mounting the shooter wheel above where the balls fall out and having them roll underneath,

not directly driven though, we couldent figure it out, so we made a “spoiler” and chained it off(allowed us to have a 4-1 gearbox)

Although it changed vastly from the original conception, the turret on our robot was mostly inspired by seeing your turret in the Behind the Design Book.

I saw this and considered it, but it was 25’s suspended turret design that ultimately influenced our design.