pic: FRC 237 Memorial Day Parade

This year the parade goes uphill. The robots took everything we threw at it. Very cool.

This is Great! Good job spreading awareness in the community.

I look forward to the 237 parade pic every year!

Obligatory questions: Rover wheels, or something else?

And how was the power consumption compared to years past?

Edit: Scratch that, the next photo answered all the questions.

team 340 did one two but we ran the “jeep bot” on a vex controller it worked great we could just walk a drive

Cool stuff!
We parade ours annually at our homecoming parade also.
'06 was the best year as we shot poof balls into the crowd! :ahh:

What did you do for your trailer? is it yours or did you get it from somewhere?

we tag along with one of our main sponsors The Rotary Club.

I guessed by the logos. That’s Awesome :slight_smile:

For our memorial day parades (our team is made of multiple towns), we duct taped the white wheels, and they ran fine. We also manages to go through one parade through one battery. (It depends how long the parade was. I want to say that the longest parade we were in was about a mile, but I’m not sure.)

We shot our orbit balls at spectating families. The children enjoyed the shot orbit balls. Off-topic, but I like this years robot for parades because it is friendlier than last years. We can involve ourselves with the public a lot more with orbit balls instead of trackballs.

The robots took everything we threw at it

What was thrown at it?
I Love doing parades :smiley: