pic: FRC 2415 Robot design v1


That looks really great.

How are you doing your lift? Winch and cable? Timing Belt? something else?
And how many stages is it?

I really like the way this looks. Hopefully I’ll be seeing something similar in Palmetto.

I’ll go ahead and get the inevitable questions out of the way:

How much does it weigh?
How fast is it supposed to go?

Wow, looks nice. Can it reach the top rack?

Thanks for the comments, we’re excited to get moving on it. Working on finishphing up the drive base and cutting pieces for the arm.

It can reach the top rack. It uses a 3 stage telescoping forklift powered by timing belt. Two speed transmission, geared for about 8 and 14 fps I think.

The cad says we’ll be underweight, but I think it may be close.

we are using a continuous timing belt loop. It should go from bottom to top in about 1.5 seconds powered by 2 550’s. The lift is three stages. Thanks for the compliments. Unfortunately, we will not be attending Palmetto this year.

Edit: yeah, 2 stages

I can’t stop drooling.

Our team designed an EXACT replica of this but we decided to go with an arm instead of a forklift.

how quick does it take too reach the 9’4 scoring peg

nice platform for the minibot on the front

We have designed ro make it all the way up in 1.5 seconds.

My mistake. Proof not to believe everything you read on the internet, I guess.

Do you have a mechanism to prevent gravity from dropping your lift down? Are you using some sort of anti-backdriving gearbox?

What is the clearance from the bottom of the center wheel to your Al tubing?

Very pretty. Looking forward to seeing this at Peachtree.

So this is what happens when Sean gets to help design for 2415 :rolleyes:

Looks sick. I’m disappointed that you said you won’t be at Palmetto. :frowning:

Sean just eats our food and catches up on the reading for his bookclub.

And the only tragedy with this robot is that our captain doesnt want to hook up LEDs to a jaguar like we did last year.

If you read this and think that throbbing LEDs would look cool on this robot, please post “yes” so our captain will be persuaded :slight_smile: !!!


actually, sean does just eat food…he sometimes comes up with good idea.

but on a serious note, the robot is very very much designed by students. the mentors on 2415 like to relax, eat food, and play soccer inside.

YESSSSSS i want throbbing LEDS

Second the “yes!!!”

It looks great! My team is using a 2-stage elevator with a continuous chain loop for VEX Round-Up, and it works like magic! Hope it works for your team, too!

Is the structure attached to the front of the elevator a tube manipulator? If so, how exactly does it work? Thanks!


How does your mini-bot deployment system work? Does the mini-bot just sit on top there or is it something a bit more complex?

looks heavy. looks strong. looks awesome