pic: FRC 2526's Flux Capacitor!

We had a little bit of extra time before robot ship, so we made a homemade flux capacitor out of some parts we found in the shop! Whaddya think?

Neat, we got one of those, our sponsor Stahlin Enclosures made the enclosure for the actual one in the movie

Really? That is SO cool! We just used a fuse box that we found in a storage closet :confused:

I am pretty sure that form of stored energy is illegal…:yikes:

That is the second coolest thing I’ve seen all day.


I really wish our team could have one of these. I’m lobbying hard to get us to make one. Do the lights flash in sequence, like in the movie?:confused:

You guys were in the Northstar regional last year weren’t you? I remember seeing the Flux Compasitor there last year.

I thought it was pretty cool.

We have been asking in the pits for years. We finally know what team to go to.

Extra Time? oh how i wish we had some of that laying around… we asked home depot but they said they were out of stock :frowning:

I believe they used the flux capacitor to generate their extra time.

Just remember to bring a hydrospanner in case of problems.


You don’t need to go to the Home Depot. Check out Lowes. They have had extra time on sale for the past couple weeks. I think only 12.99 an hour.