pic: FRC 2669 Design Leader Working Hard

The Desing Team leader or Rookie FRC2669 (KY Bots) working ahrd on the design.
You can actually see him sweating in this picture!
Good work dude!

Why is the image on the screen backwards?

(Also, put the red 3 on the black 4).

Actually it’s stranger than that. The Start Bar and the Solitaire window are backwards, but the Inventor window does not seem to be. Perhaps that’s how screens refresh themselves? Although that seems a bit…odd.

no aces? he’s a gonner

I believe that is because Hebrew is read right to left instead of left to right…

The real question is why is he wearing safety goggles :smiley:

Paper cuts from the cards. :slight_smile:

Probably in the same room as some cutting, filing, or grinding. Or maybe he can’t think properly without them.:smiley:

You know, if you just kind of ignore the solitaire window, it does look as if he is working extremely diligently. He even has the calculator and empty drink to prove it. It’s too bad it’s all a show to cover his card game addiction (just be glad it’s not a gambling problem).

It’s upside down because it’s Hebrew windows.
He’s wearing safety glasses because the same room has some drilling and building tools.
He did not win this game =]

There isn’t a black 4, only a 6 and a 9. I think he lost this one…

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
I thought that we are the only team that waste time doing nothing :smiley:

To his defense, relaxing the mind and/or focusing on another mundane task like solitaire may have caused a new solution to the problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t everyone require safety glasses while students are on the computer ?? :smiley: :ahh: :wink: You always gotta be aware of flying pixels :cool: .

Solitaire is serious business.