pic: FRC 2729, 4th of July Parade

The Storm Robotics Team was invited to participate in its town’s 4th of July parade this year. The team decorated a small float, ourselves, and the robot. Our team’s first robot marched along with the students and only needed one battery change during the parade.

The crowd really loved the team, we often heard spectators says, “Wow, it really is a robot!” when it rolled by. The robot also carried the message “Engineers Design America”. All in all, a great experience and a lot of fun.

Great to see your team getting into the community even more, Nate!

Keep up the awesome work. Seeing your enthusiastic team this year was really refreshing.:slight_smile:

Go Storm Robotics!

Parades are a blast. It’s the best free PR you can get in a community.

Thanks a lot everyone. And YES! They really are the best PR you can get in your community. People love robots, real ones!