pic: FRC 2753, Team Overdrive 2009 Robot

Team Overdrive’s 2009 robot, ready and waiting to play some Lunacy!

The only thing that needs changing is our belt because of a new GDC ruling.

We can’t wait to complete in NJ and NYC!

Woot 2753!

I hope that our efforts during the pre-season helped you guys out. I know it wasn’t much but hope it helped your members develop the skills they needed for build. Here’s to a great year, Tyler!:smiley:

I saw “overdrive” and i got very confused.

nice looking dumper you got there. whats the ball output/capacity?

The only thing that needs changing is our belt because of a new GDC ruling.
Can you clarify which ruling particularly?

This ruling outlawed the belt because of the points on it.


We don’t really know how much it can hold but its more than 25 balls.

Jeez thats a lot of wheels!

Can’t wait for a video.


Allow me to be the first to say that their handling is amazing. The robot was well controlled all the time. It was a lot of fun practicing with you guys, despite our technical difficulties…

Yes, we do love the way it drives.

It was fun practicing with you guys too.

See you in NJ (your going right?).

Great bot, loving the simplicity in the design and it seems to be very effective. Do i see a rookie regional win this year?:eek:

This looks great! The top container is a pretty unique design; haven’t seen something like that yet.

I look forward to seeing it in action at Javits! =]

One question, what’s the shooting range?

Good luck this year! I’ll be seeing you in Trenton! The bot looks great.

What type banebots transmissions are those?

There Banebot 540 with fisherprices put in them. There a little hard to come by since there being replaced with the new P60 gearboxes but a few online robot stores have them still.

Which reduction did you use?

For NJ and NYC regional it was a 36:1 on the main belt, and 25:1 on the top roller.

In Atlanta we changed it to 25:1 on the main belt and 16:1 on the top roller.

Did you guys ever have problems with the hopper having a flat bottom, instead of having a sloped bottom to the front where the roller is?

well the base of the hopper comes up to a slant with the use of what i believe is a window motor. you may have seen this on 103’s modification to a power dumper which was a concept they took from 2753.

Team 11 was one teams to lift their hopper up and dump (using a pneumatic piston). 2753 does the same thing but has rollers in the front aka making it a power dumper. But as pointed out earlier, overdrive uses a window motor.

I was the field supervisor for the Archimedes Division. The only problem I had with your robot is that every time that you competed I had to have two field reset people swifter the playing field to remove the worn conveyor belt material. Congratulations to your team on a wonderful championship. I expect to see great things from your team in the coming years. See you next year at the championship.

Haha, yes we did notice that.

We replaced the belt on Thursday with a new one and for some reason the new one shredder like paper. The older ones held up much better, so I am not sure what happened.

Anyway, sorry about that!