pic: FRC 2753, Team Overdrive 2010 Robot

Team Overdrive’s 2010 robot for Breakaway!


8WD Pneumatic
Roller Ball Magnet
Winch Powered Kicker
Lifting/Self-Righting Arm (co-development with FRC2016)

Can’t wait to start playing some Breakaway at the New Jersey Regional and the Philadelphia Regional.

Video should be posted later today.

Looks good!

I hope you guys are as good as you were last year!

Any video?

Now the question is: Who’s pit will you be in at Trenton? :rolleyes:

Beautiful robot! Looks a lot like,http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/34967 :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: EDIT: Oh, forgot to read the (co-development with 2016 part!)

Einstein 2010?! Good luck guys!

lol… thats not a question :stuck_out_tongue:

but yes its good to see Overdrives pic finally up, as we mentioned earlier done together with 2016.

see ya guys in jersey.

Yeah Overdrive!!

After considering R16 (a little late), Team Overdrive will need to counter sink our drive shaft bolts and grind our exterior welds at the NJ Regional.

Not a big deal, but certainly not what we wanted to do.

If you guys need an extra angle grinder for NJ, let me know.:slight_smile:

Congrats on a great looking robot! Can’t wait to see you guys in action and hopefully play with or maybe against Overdrive. See you guys in a few weeks!

Are you guys able to put shims around the BUMPER PERIMETER? This might be easier than grinding your frame down.

Great looking bot. Looks like another good bot to check out at NJ, it looks like the regional is going to be stacked

Its not as epic without the yellow. :frowning: But im sure its epicness will be shown through its performance. Great bot guys, and good luck!

Once again it looks like you are setting the standard high. Best wishes and hope to see you again this year.

Nice Bot! Cant wait to see you guys in Trenton!