pic: FRC 2826 Wave Robotics Landshark Mk. V

FRC2826 Wave Robotics a fifth year team presents its latest creation: Landshark Mk. V

Wave will be competing at the Northern Lights and the Wisconsin regional.

Good luck to all teams in the 2013 season.

This picture generates far more questions than it does answers. Any chance of a test video?

There are several pneumatic cylinders that I have no clue what they are used for, tipping away from the bar? and the small one strapped to your longer arm piston?.

Thats just part of the fun!
Have a safe drive to Duluth and see you guys tomorrow!

Looks awesome, as usual! Looking forward to seeing it in action (except when it’s on the other end of the field from us).

See you in a few hours.

Digging the red linatex shooter wheel. :cool:

It allows us to have 4 positions on our arm, which allows us to use it for several applications.

@Travis it is nice we can shoot about ~800-1000 discs before needing to replace the wheel, we were at about 100-200 discs with the banebots wheels.

Looking good, guys! We definitely expect another great performance from you guys at Wisconsin, and hopefully we’ll get a chance to share the field this year. Best of luck this weekend and we’ll see you in Milwaukee!

I don’t quite understand it yet, but I love the look of it. Curious to see how some of those features pan out.

Where do you get the linatex wheel?

Its custom made and then the linatex is glued on the rim. Nothing too special.

For further explanation we had a sponsor who specializes in conveyors and belting adhere the rubber to the wheel. Takes 48 hours to fully cure.

Interesting placement of those eyebolts. Your hanging mechanism must be pretty HOT. Can’t wait to see it in low-def quality this weekend!