pic: FRC 2869 Standard Rough Draft

Little Demo of what our standard will probably look like. The bottom has a triangle cut out similar to the one in the pictures but, due to printing complications this will probably be cut after printing with an X-Acto knife. Interested to see what people will come up with! Stronghold Hype!

Very clean, with room on the sides for achievement patches. Nice job.
We’re struggling with incorporating our logo but still having a standard that is visible from a distance. At only 24" tall, we think these are going to be relatively smaller than we expect. Essentially three pieces of paper side by side.

You can get an 18" by 24" Poster printed at Staples for $15. Shouldn’t cost too much to print another if its too small.

What kind of material are you having it printed on? Vinyl?

Very nice, although I personally would make the team logo and number a little bit bigger, and the sponsors a bit smaller, just so your team info is a bit clearer.
Overall, nice job!

The test print will be paper and we will laminate it (Much cheaper).

but, we think our final one will be vinyl.