pic: FRC 319 Presents: Bob 2016


  • 8WD Chain-in-tube w/ 6" pneumatic tires
  • 4-cim VEXpro Ball Shifters
  • 6 / 14.5 fps (adjusted)

Big Beefy Arm:

  • Collector - 775pro through 15:1 VP driving 1.5" roller
  • Shooter - 2x 775pro through 3:1 VPs driving 4" Colson wheels
  • Arm Movement - CIM through 196:1 reduction


  • Kangaroo assisted vision processing, motion profiling, and logging
  • Distributed position and velocity control on all axes using Talon SRXs

Here’s a playlist of our season so far. We’ll be competing at the North Shore, UNH, and Pine Tree Districts in New England.

I see those angled bumpers planned for a future mechanism to be added on.

Yep! We’re working with the engineers at our premiere sponsor, Symbotic, to develop a climber.

How are you planning on dealing with r28?

By having numbers on all four sides? I’m not sure I understand the question.

Yeah, I’m not sure how your numbers are applied, but as I read it you need numbers on all sides or visible from any side.

I just know if we had our bumpers looking nice, the last thing I’d want to do is add numbers after the fact. Unless your using paint?

Ah. Simple answer is that we use the stickers from AndyMark. Full answer is that we intend to remake the bumpers with a better construction method.

Nice job on the pickup / shooter mechanism!

How do you direct the boulder into the center so it can be loaded into the shooter?

We have a guide on either side making the bot look kind of like Plowie/Dozer.

Wow, huge opportunity lost here.