pic: FRC 354 FRC 2681

The Pirates gave birth to twins! Arrggggg!!!

Not to hard to guess who inspired this design :wink:

Great implementation though, what is rate of fire of those beasts? And why the difference in shooter designs?

EDIT: Never mind about the shooters, it was hard to tell the pink one was the same…

Wow, looks really good. Are you guys aiming the turret manually or does it use the camera? Either way, good job and good luck!

Awesome shooters! I like the full yellow better though. I’m definitely checking these bots out at NYC. Any specs on the shooter speed/ball capacity and such?

Awesome job guys! I hope you guys can find your way back to FLR one of these years. Good luck in NYC, hopefully we’ll see you in Championship!

visions of cheesey poofs in 2006 are beginning to return to me…

those are some nice lookin bots! but imo that cim sticking out on the side is just begging for some collision-based sideload

Great wiring job btw. Kudos to the students who cleaned up nicely.

Very nice looking family picture!

Two more weeks are it will be GAME TIME!!!