pic: FRC 401 Teaser #1

Little hint at a pretty critical part of our robot. The big half of this bad boy took over 4 hours to machine but our strategy hinges on them so we wanted them to be robust.

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It took you over 4 hours to machine a banana? What types of feeds/speeds were you using?

That’s one serious looking tailgate hinge.

That’s some really heavy duty metal. How much does the assembly weigh?

The hinge is 1.961 lbs.

In other news, this is my 401st post :smiley:

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Where is the like button?

Are you changing the orientation of a certain mechanism for end game? Like elevator becomes a ramp or something similar?

Rule is I can answer questions about the part itself, but it wouldn’t be much of a teaser if I start giving away what exactly it does on the robot. :wink:

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it’s a banana to slip up other robots

not really gp tho


I mean, if having a yellow object on the field isn’t gp, then someone should have told me at some point the last 8 years :stuck_out_tongue:

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this teaser has a certain A-peel.

I swear to what ever god you believe in, i will find you and do somethin, maybe a hug if im in a good mood.