pic: FRC 48 Frame

Well hey at least we got one thing completed. We think.


That is how you should ship it.

looks very linkage-esque. I see a lot of room for moving wheels lol…
gets hopes up
I know thats not what you have planned though lol, I saw the video.
Looks well crafted though, and I love the bin lol

Crab/Swerve for you guys too?? The frame looks like its meant for it to me. The housing looks just about right to fit in modules. Am I close?:yikes:

To future posters, so help me, if I hear one more bumper complaint post…

Awesome frame, and definitely love your done parts box. That’s about twice the size we need for our completed parts… Our SolidWorks person hates us, we keep making her redo parts.