pic: FRC 488 - Hex

Here’s the machine as of 2 AM PST this morning. There’s very little left to do mechanically – we need to add only a funnel to the conveyor to guide balls into the shooting mechanism and the fabric sides to our hopper in addition to a few tweaks and improvements. As it stands, we’re underweight, though just barely.

I’ll be at Microsoft Research again for most of today, but as always, I’ll answer any questions you all may have to the best of my ability.

That looks right nice.

Two questions come to mind:

  1. How many people can see Hex if only dead people can see Hex?
  2. Is that polycord I see?

that looks AWESOME :expressionless:

good job guys :slight_smile:

nice very clean, see you in portland!

Surely, there are more dead people than living?

It is polycord – there are six bands of cord forming two unique tracks up the conveyor. Just past its midpoint, the balls move toward the center to pass through the shooter. We’ve had a few problems with the polycord walking out of its pulleys, but we’re working on a solution.

Looks really sharp. The push is over time to relax.
good job