pic: FRC 488 -- Poof Ball Carnage

We were allowed to keep this ball after it somehow got caught in our conveyor’s gear train during a match. The missing chunk was ingested by a globe motor and two delrin gears and, mind you, was not easily removed.

This happened just once and the field crew was more amazed than irritated by it. Over the course of the event, we learned that the Poof balls will fit anywhere – even going so far as to squeeze themselves into a 1/4" gap between our conveyor system and a backing plate.

Yep, we found this same thing out. Ours has a nice habit of squeezing through a 1/2" crack, consistently. These uncooperative balls have been the center of many hours of discontent…

This is what happens when food isn’t allowed in the venues! :rolleyes:

We purposely sliced one up, although not as bad as this one, just to see how well our robot could pick up a damaged ball during the game.

Did it cause the conveyor to stop or were you able to still continue the match fully funtional?