pic: FRC 4901 - 2015 Team Picture

We had to get a nice picture of our team and Sandstorm II, and we got just that in front of USC’s Swearingen Engineering Center.

We made a few tweaks since the original photo for the Orlando Regional:

[]The Wingman, a chute ramp to help land totes flat on the ground.
]We converted our pneumatic lift to a chain-driven lift, to eliminate air pressure concerns.
[]We jettisoned both the H-drive (we weren’t using it) and the container arm (after it flew apart spectacularly at Palmetto and got us disabled).
]The gripper was built out of fiberglass tubing using near-identical geometry, which saved us weight.
[*]Oh, and we redid the vinyl graphics. Apparently some dimwit with a business degree didn’t catch the 4, 9, and 1 in the number were a bit under 4". D’oh.