pic: FRC 4901 Garnet Squadron Reveal Event Photo


FRC 4901 Garnet Squadron’s Reveal Event Photo

-The “toro-sticks” are currently being re-worked so we don’t have the rubber material on them in this photo. Dual bag-motor driven with 15:1 gear reduction.

-JVN inspired shooter with some modifications.

-6CIM Andymark Drive

All in all the most low profile robot I’ve ever be a part of making. The drive team has had tons of time driving the base alone, and we should be in pretty good shape close of business on practice day at palmetto.

Single ball autonomous (untested unfortunately)
Double ball autonomous (possible… code written, also untested)
We like to think of ourselves as a truss specialist team. Or maybe that’s just me. We can do high goal shots as well.

*catching wings to be added soon.

Hmmm… I see a crazy driver, and Cocky too!

See you in a few days.


Looks great! We’ll see you on thursday as well. Can’t wait to see it in action!

That crazy driver (an alumnus of 4451, for those playing at home) has been a great acquisition for our new team. We’re glad to have good hands!

As for Cocky, I think this is the first known photo of him with an FRC robot. I was glad he stopped by our corner of the USC College of Engineering & Computing open house. Between our FRC display and the FLL demos just to the left, we were causing quite the traffic jam!

I can’t wait to see it in action either. :rolleyes: Snow days set us back, but there’s an immense amount of potential in Sandstorm I. Maybe we’ll continue the second-rookie-to-register-in-the-world streak of epicness. We can dream!

You know that crazy driver is ready to continue the streak!!!

Of not driving.

My that is a good looking banner.:wink: