pic: FRC 525 2018 Robot Render

Here’s a render of this year’s robot.

Beautiful render- what tool did you use?

Likely Inventor (or at least that was my initial suspect after I zoomed in)

Unless something has changed quite a bit, my guess would be they’re still using Creo. The rendering looks a lot like what I’ve been seeing in 4.0 with the new Keyshot-based rendering system. Hopefully they’ll improve it in the future.

525 always amazes me with the quality and thoroughness of the CAD models. I’m sad I won’t be coming up to Grand Forks with my team to see it in person. Best of luck!

Yes, this is Creo 4.0. I don’t like the look of the aluminum. Polished aluminum is just too shiny and when I change to satin it gets this grainy look. I tried polished with the gloss changed to 0.5 but it didn’t help.

Sorry, I meant hopefully PTC will improve the rendering! I’ve been having some issues getting a good finish on aluminum as well. Too shiny or too grainy, it’s much more difficult to get a render that looks good up close now. Makes me a little sad. You all did a great job considering the current state of it.

Sadly, the bad rendering in Creo 4.0 isn’t the worst of it. The Annotation Plane / Combination State stuff they put in is really messed up. Just my opinion…

Yeah, they definitely made some strange decisions on parts of it. On the other hand the latest crop of kids I worked with teaching it this year picked it up significantly faster for some reason. I think they made some positive changes to context-sensitive selection with the mouse that helped with that, but I also can’t tell if that’s something I’ve just been missing all these years or something that was actually added…